Vyšel patch 1.0.3 pro Switch port Gothic 2

Sekce: Gothic 2 / Vydáno: 6.3.2024 12:47 / Autor: El Kamil / Trvalý odkaz
THQ Nordic na svých komunitních kanálech od ledna sliboval nové patche pro Switch porty Gothic 1 a 2. Včera byl konečně vydán patch pro Gothic 2.

Celý seznam opravených chyb najdete na oficiálním Gothic Discordu od THQ Nordic (je nutná registrace) nebo níže v textu.

Stručně: Patch opravuje chyby v uživatelském rozhraní, inventáři, obchodování, boje s lukem, plížení, používání pohybových kontrolerů, animací, chyby vedoucí k pádu hry a další.

Celý seznam oprav (v angličtině):

Bugfixes & Improvements:
UI: Weapons can be multiplied by exploiting the stacking system
UI: The Nameless Hero cannot enter unarmed combat mode while holding a torch
UI: User is unable to view motions in the Motion Control menu
UI: Magic circle is no longer displayed on NPCs
UI: Hotkeys are no longer displayed in the magic circle
UI: Items form stacks depending on how they were obtained
UI: The civilian clothes in the Militia storeroom are stacked
UI: Some items in stacks cannot be thrown away or sold individually
UI: Nameless One's inventory items have incorrect values
UI: If you sell in 10/100 increments, you only get gold for one item
UI: If you buy/sell items in increments of 100, you end up with 101 items
UI: The transfer option might also sell the items on the right of the initial item after transfer
UI: The Combat Focus UI options are not displayed when engaged in unarmed combat
UI: The Nameless Hero sparkles when loading a save with a potion of speed equipped in the quick slot menu
UI: Loot UI is still displayed when a dialogue is triggered while looting
UI: Weapons skills are increased permanently when being defeated while wielding a weapon with skill increase
UI: Incorrect display of the mana bar in TV mode
UI: Inventory action animations are not displayed correctly
UI: MessageBox is now wider
UI: If you use a potion in battle, it will bring a bonus, but will not decrease in quantity
UI: Fixed items with zero amount
UI: Added spinner when saving. Save menu disabled when saving
Input: When inspecting a downed enemy, sound and text are displayed multiple times
Input: Bow mode fix
Input: Sneak fixed
Input: Motion control fixed
Input: Move improvements
Input: Motion control unlocked
Input: Weapon drawn fix (save/load game issue)
Input: Backward jump is now default when pressing the left stick back
Input: More comfortable right stick
Input: paradejumpb animation implemented
Input: Spell casting update
Input: When drawing a bow under specific conditions will be used as a melee weapon
Input: Animations for drawing weapons while running
Input: NPCs have problems putting away weapons after Nameless took out the weapon and put it back
Smooth normals added
Fix shadow acne
Sky flickering fix
The Black Troll's horns and spikes do not shrink when the Hero casts Shrink Monster on it.
Particle optimization
The sea water appear to be flowing out of the beach when observed around the Pirate Camp in Jharkendar
Remove sun render underwater and change water color
Title freezes when using a powerful mass AoE Rune near Daron in Khorinis
Fixed crash after switching JD <=> ProController
Fixed random crashes when passers-by say a certain phrase
Fixed crash when switching to Jarkendar
Fixed crash when you learn the creation of runes from Milten
Fixed various random crashes
UI: Inventory freeze fix
No longer possible to exploit paladin runes to kill NPCs!
Gameplay: Diego does not use his bow when engaging enemies at a distance during Chapter 2
Fixing assess quiet sound cheesing by jumping, walking backwards or sideways
Fix for No sound when jumping back
Background sounds are loud
Rhademes might be missing when reaching the final trap room in the temple of Adanos
"You have no money" bug fixed
Pedro can be found in front of Monastery even after stealing the Eye of Innos
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